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Pet Rock's Art Thread

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Pet Rock (previously sir donut) has been obsessed with dont starve for quite a while and wanted to share his art with the world. Also can anyone tell him why other people in this forum reply to their thread instead of adding the new images via edit?


Great treeguard concept:
(Ignore my crappy handwriting)


A wonderous occasion (also known as "Wendy and Abigail thought up a devious plot"):
(I really wanted to draw Wendy like Luz in that one picture where she's smirking and is also currently my profile picture)


Edited by Pet Rock
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Welcome! I remember your Great Treeguard concept and liked it a lot :D

I believe threads only get an update notification when they're replied to. People reply to their art threads to make it clear that they have new content, and edit replies if they need to make discreet changes.

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New idea just dropped:



Normal seeds in crop plots can be converted into glumflowers by acid rain. Glumflowers will only grow during acid rain. At their final stage they produce miasma and can be picked for a glum bloom (gloom) and glumflower seeds depending on their happiness. Glumflowers gain happiness in the dark, when talked to, when fed pure horror, when acid rain is active, and a lot when nightmare creatures are nearby. Glum blooms can be eaten for temporary neutrality towards basic nightmare creatures or be thrown to create a cloud of miasma that slows and damages enemies. If glumflowers rot, they will pour out shadows, resulting in a rift size cloud of miasma and a few infused shadelings and hostile nightmare creatures. This will continue for a couple minutes before they retreat into the ground. To avoid chaos, only one glumflower in a certain radius will summon shadow creatures. This mechanic could result in (literal) farming of pure horror/Nightmare fuel without finding rifts. Note that glumflowers are still pickable during their rotting phase and their rotting phase is also dependent on their happiness level (more happiness=longer rotting). Wild glumflowers can be found anywhere but will permanently rot if in the ruins.


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