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10th Anniversary Ideas

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Hello Forums,

Wanted to share a couple ideas relating to the 10th Year Anniversary of DST that I thought might be fun since Lakhnish mentioned wanting more uses for Glommer Goop and I am liked minded in that hope... so here are a couple ideas.

1. Cawnival Cot-ten Candy Machine.

What if during the Cawnival event players could buy a Cot-ten Candy Machine Kit from the Prize Booth that functions like a Crockpot? It would have 3 slots to fill and if a player added 1 Glommer Goop, 1 Honey, and 1 Stick it would produce super cute cot-10 candy. In line with the 10 year anniversary, the stats would provide 10 hunger, 10 health, and 10 sanity and rot after 10 days. If you look at Cotton Candy Carts for reference, I think they would look good designed in a DST-Nouveau-art-style.

2. Glommer Goop Cake Recipe

If we wanted to do something easier, perhaps adding a new crockpot recipe would be simpler. Imagine a two-tiered pink cake with white frosting and orange candles, sort of like the new chest skin but pink-er and tastier. The recipe could be 1 Glommer Goop, 1 Egg, and 2 Mushrooms (since the Mushy Cake uses mushrooms) and would provide the same stats as the Cot-ten Candy, 10 hunger, 10 health, and 10 sanity. That might be something fun to add to the game to honor the anniversary.

3. Winter's Feast Ornament

What if there was a Mistletoe ornament added to Winter's Feast that was a red 10 with Mistletoe leaves on the bottom and a ribbon with some jingle-bells at the top. It would drop just like the cookies and candy do from killing mobs and then players could hang it from their trees to smooch under. That might be fun...

That's all for now, just wanted to share those ideas as they have been bouncing around my head for a little while.

Happy 10th Anniversary!

PS added some cotton candy cart images for inspiration

Cotton Candy Cart.jpg

Watercolor Cotton Candy Machine.jpg

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