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One Angsty Art Thread

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I post art fairly often on my fanfiction, What This World Has to Offer, but I also kinda realized that not everyone wants to comb through hundreds of pages of story just for a few pieces of art? So here's a new little home for the art I draw! Anything posted in here will be non-spoiler for anything in the story in case anyone is reading it, but I like to think you can get a good vibe of story just based on art! I've come a long way since I started trying to draw for this fandom, so I hope you guys enjoy the progress I've made! uwu.png.f944fb14afebb51810c7deaa6afd7ae5.png

The images I have for this series, based on the songs from the Friday Night Funkin mod Hypno's Lullaby. These are the only ones from this series that don't go into spoiler territory :3 
The image that is spoilered contains blood






And then a quick ref sheet (it's a bit older... might have to redo)



And some miscellaneous drawings!



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