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Gamemode idea: Competitive boat navigation.

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Was literally just a random idea that I came up with whilst paddling a boat between sea stacks and narrowly missing the hitbox of one, and had to share. Boat navigation is subject to external forces and vector math that can make sailing a little tedious, and that's where the challenge of this gamemode comes in. A base rate of points is given for just the boat and a wooden oar, with multipliers based upon the usage of a driftwood oar and the number of sails; bumpers invoke a penalty.

Idk just had to get it out lol.

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I remember someone did boat races before.  It might be interesting to have a boat race where players are spawned into the world and must navigate a full lap around the world as fast as possible.  Could be interesting, but could also be disappointingly bland as a few grass boats with drift wood oars and Wolfgang would likely win.

Maybe if we rolled back to when boating was first released and having an actually built-boat was better...

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