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Working on a mod project alongside chat gpt4 as an experiment and needed some help directing the language model

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ok I am working on a mod with chat gpt4 as an experiment and need someone with some knowledge on the matter.


specifically I am building a mod that will regenerate the volcano biome, I want to know if someone can provide feedback that i can feed to chat gpt to help steer it in the correct direction. here is the code block

this code is meant to add a command into the game that will regenerate the volcano biome in shipwrecked, Can someone help me figure out what i need to to say to this language model to steer it in the right direction.


The last error i got from this code was 'c_regenvolcano() isnt a defined variable. to be clear this is just the modmain.lua file. the modinfo.lua file is working properly

-- Define function to regenerate volcano
local function RegenVolcano()
    local world = TheWorld
    local map = TheWorld.Map
    local ocean_spawner = TheWorld.components.ocean_spawner

    -- Create a coroutine
    local co = coroutine.create(function()
        -- Disable world generation saving to prevent save file corruption
        if TheNet:IsDedicated() then
            TheNet:Announce("Disabling world saving for regeneration process.")
            world.ismastersim:SetPersistentString("world", "false")

        -- Yield the coroutine for 2 seconds

        -- Regenerate volcano biome
        for _, node in ipairs(map:GetNodesWithTag("volcano")) do
            map:ResetTileAtPoint(node.x, 0, node.y)
        for _, node in ipairs(map:GetNodesWithTag("volcanoonwater")) do
            map:ResetTileAtPoint(node.x, 0, node.y)

        -- Yield the coroutine for 3 seconds

        -- Respawn ocean resources

        -- Yield the coroutine for 3 seconds

        -- Enable world generation saving
        if TheNet:IsDedicated() then
            world.ismastersim:SetPersistentString("world", "true")
            TheNet:Announce("World saving enabled. Regeneration complete.")
            TheNet:Announce("Regeneration complete.")

    -- Start the coroutine with a task that resumes it every frame
    TheWorld:DoPeriodicTask(0, function() 
        local status, delay = coroutine.resume(co) -- Resume the coroutine and get its status and delay
        if not status then -- If the coroutine has an error, print it
        elseif delay then -- If the coroutine has a delay, pause the task until the delay is over
            TheWorld:PushEvent("pauseperiodictask", {taskid = co})
            TheWorld:DoTaskInTime(delay, function() 
                TheWorld:PushEvent("resumeperiodictask", {taskid = co})
        elseif coroutine.status(co) == "dead" then -- If the coroutine is done, cancel the task
            TheWorld:PushEvent("cancelperiodictask", {taskid = co})

-- Add the console command
_G.c_regenvolcano = RegenVolcano


the language model has been going in circles about the way to declare the variable in the file and everytime it gives me an edit if it doesnt straight up crash then the console gives me the error variable not defined

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