Suggestion/idea: Improve the crafting menu with more subcategories

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Subcategories appear in the Slanty Shanty for its customization, but I think they have a lot of potential for streamlining and improving much more than that.

For example, basic essential tools like the axe, pickaxe, shovel, machete, etc could be under one subcategory under Tools, while their gold counterparts could go under another. Hamlet's Treasure Hunting tools could be reassigned as a subcategory under Tools, as could everything relating to beefalo taming.

Basically, any series of similar crafts that take up a good portion of a crafting category could be made into their own subcategory, especially in bloated categories. The ships and sails under the Nautical category would make fine subcategories, as would turfs and walls under Structures. All the sleep related items under Survival, the various campfires/pits under Light, and maybe the various creature homes in Structures may also worth considering, just to name a few off hand.

I think this is an idea at least worth looking into, and if it really takes off, it would be wonderful to see as an optional alternative to the crafting menu used in Don't Starve Together. Yes, that's the heart of this suggestion. I still really dislike what's become of DST's crafting, and I think something like this would stand to greatly improve both games, especially on consoles and for players who prefer controllers.

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