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I'd like to be able to indicate in more detail whether individual skins in the full collection are already available

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I often already have some of the content in a collection pack when I buy it (Figures 1, 2), but I don't know how much of them. You need to check it manually, if you have more, buy a full set of Victoria packs to break down, and if you only have one or two skins, buy them directly. In order to buy everything you want at the lowest price.

This is a very troublesome process for me, and I hope that in future updates, KLEI will show the individual skins that I already own in the collection pack (Figure 1) when viewing all the content I have in the same way that I show all the content I already have on the shopping page (Figure 3). (Hit √ in the top left corner)

Finally, thank you, Klei




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