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Native Apple Silicon version of Don't Starve Together.

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Currently Don't Starve Together on Apple Silicon macOS is listed under Activity Monitor as an "Intel" app, meaning that Rosetta 2 needs to translate the program's x86_64 machine code into arm64 instructions that the processor can read. Thankfully this it does very well due to the memory ordering hardware present in the chip, but it also comes at a few costs, such as increased latency when someone joins a game hosted on my Mac because it has to translate network data into code it can read before executing such, as well as RNG regarding seasonal phenomena appearing to be static (i.e. consistent Autumn rain on Day 6/7, with the first Hound attack happening around the same time yet none spawn, and is repeated across new worlds). Just natural and unavoidable quirks due to some things being quite literally lost in translation, which is why a native Apple Silicon version would be preferable.

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