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Console aiming improvement

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I like Terraria's method, where you can aim accurately by pressing in the right stick. I believe Don't Starve should do something similar with an aiming cycle. No press, normal console targeting system. 1st press would be a "bouncy" cursor, where the reticle follows your stick even when you let go. 2nd press would be a "stiff" cursor, where the reticle only moves when you give a stick input. 3rd press would go back to normal.

The existing right stick functions would be sorted out like this: Player listing goes to the Pause Menu; actions and emotes become another page in self inspect. Inspect once to see yourself like normal, inspect again to access actions and emotes, inspect again to close.

Thinking about it, having to press through the "bouncy" and "stiff" options in a fight might be a hassle, so perhaps you could decide in the game settings before hand. This would help with Toadstool, Ancient Fuel Weaver, lazy explorer, Soul Hop, Strident Trident, and anything else that benefits from accurate aiming (even placing structures).

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