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Having trouble testing mod art, no longer updating from files

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Hello! I'm not super versed on modding yet (first time fully trying to make a mod for my OC, Wisp!) and I ran into a small issue.
Currently I'm just drawing all of the artwork for my character and I'm closing/opening DST to see how it looks in-game before I keep going on to the next part. It was working well and updating it as I updated the files but it seems now it isn't changing the in-game images anymore. I know for a fact this is the correct folder I'm updating the images in and not another copy of the mod (I only have 1 copy, and this is the only 1 I have changed the text in).
I'm using Extended Sample Character DST by Dragon Wolf Leo on steam!
I've attached Images of what it appears as in-game and the up to date images in my files. I have also already deleted the ears and pigtails!
If I could get some help to get it to start updating the in-game images again that would be wonderful! Thank you all for reading!




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Will be hard to figure out the problem without the files to look at, but I can throw some ideas.

When you say you deleted things, did you delete the file instead of clearing the canvas? The autocompiler can't compile unless every single file it expects is in the right place. So, say, even if your character has no tail, the tail sprites must still exist, they should just be transparent.

Is your autocompiler returning an error? When the black box pops up, the text moves very quickly, but you can alternate clicking on it and pressing enter to freeze/unfreeze it so you can read what's happening. If a file is missing or something else has gone wrong, it will tell you before it closes. That will point you in the right direction.

If you are very sure there is no error and it looks like the autocompiler is not detecting any changes, go to your anim folder and delete Wisp.zip. This is an absolute last resort I only do if the autocompiler is refusing to compile the character but isn't detecting any changes in the files. If you do this and your character has something wrong, it won't compile the .zip and your game will crash, so only do this if nothing else works.

I hope this helps!

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