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Empty world playthrough

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Has anyone done one of these? Where most things are set to nothing and you try to survive anyway?


if someone has, could you please share some tips and tricks, preferably what regenerates on its own and what doesn’t, how long does it take etc.


i’m planning on trying to do a lights out nothing world, and genuinely any small tip would be helpful.


if you’re curious the current plan of action is to rush to the dragonfly desert and collect enough grass and twigs to explore further, and i have succeeded at this once, but ended up starving. 

as i said before, tips appreciated 

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I used to be meta to try to work your way to lunar grotto where world-gen settings didn't apply, but I believe that has changed.  Haven't tried it or seen an update on it since, its not my favorite alternate game mode XD

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I've done one of those, not lights out, but almost* nothing was in it. I don't recommend playing on a literally nothing world, because you'll find it boring. My recommendation is to turn everything off on the generation tab, but the world settings you should change them according to your preferences.

For example, I turned on meteorites after 70 days for celestial orb, then turn it back off to unlock the ability to kill CC. Same for Crab king, turned him on, killed him, turned him off.

*You HAVE to start as webber and enemy RESPAWN should be turned on, otherwise the eggs will only give spiders once each grow stage. This doesn't mean more eggs will spawn in the world. It means that spiders will regenerate from the eggs. Same for pigs, merms, grass gekkos, moleworms etc.

The world WILL regenerate some resources over time, like trees, saplings, berries and grass, so you can farm them after some time.

For light, you could ask willosw to surrender their lighters. I'd recommend to turn winter feast on for infinite light via mushlamps (if klaus is turned on). However, you should be able to get fireflies for a miner hat, if not from naturally spawning fireflies, from the oasis on summer or on the waterlogged biomes.

A lot of cave resources are unaffected by world settings!

Nightmare creatures won't bother you, which is both a blessing and a curse (no nightmare fuel)

Lanterns are gated behind shadow pieces, because you'll need a forest stalker for lightbulbs.

Another tip is to start with the year of the catcoon event on, because it allows you to spawn 1 flower (which has a kitcoon) If you want to turn butterflies on, then you can multiply them, and even steal the bees from pearl. Another benefit is being able to kill ticoons for large meats.

Other YOT events can also give you an advantage, by trading lucky nuggets for food. You can get cheap lights with those events too, with the red & floating lanterns. 

For healing you can use tents to transform hunger into HP.

You can only get eggs with Wurt ironically. You'll need a bird trap baited with seeds (she can only get them with the merm king).

Wormwood can get living logs for deconstruction staffs, which allow you to get resources that would otherwise be imposible to get. For example moles, pig houses, tusks, mandrakes, beefalo wool, catcoon tails, etc.

If bee queen is turned off you can infinitely hammer her hive for a low chance of getting honey or honeycombs

You can get salt, cookie cutter shells and other goodies from sunken chests. 

There's definitely more things that i'm forgetting right now, and probably some other things that became impossible to do since klei has changed world settings since the last time i played on that world.

EDIT: Lanterns are not gated behind shadow pieces, my bad, i forgot they can drop from sunken chests

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