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The endgame deserves more than a spoonfork

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After we got the shovel-hoe as a late game item i feel in the need to show my views on this sort of items that mix other two existing tools.

The pick smasher its a great item because it mix two tools that call for different crafting ingridients, meaning that instead of occupaying 4 slots with said ingridients (grass, twigs, gold and rocks) you save up 2 slots, but from the same materials you can also craft a long lasting weapon, which also means that you dont need extra slots for even more ingridients for weaponry, with just 4 slots you have all the tool-weapon like gear you need for the ruins, a zone designed for inventory management its one of the many challeges and where you have limited resources.

Now lets see the farming, normally in your base, near all the resources you could ever want without a worry about things trying to kill you and where inventory managment is not even something that goes in your mind, whats the porpuse of saving a slot in this scenario ? would anyone really spent pure brilliance and husks for the benefit of one slot saved, and on top of this hoes and shovels call for the same two ingridients and both of this are not tools that you need to carry all the time, you take them, do your deal with them and get them back in a chest.

A tool that is a mix of others is not a bad perk on itself the problem is when the tools it mixes are not used in the same scenarios or the scenarios where they are used do not call for supper efficient inventory managment.

After all its buffs the pick/axe remains useless because there is still not a situation in the game where mining and choping is asked to be done at the same time.

Once again i think we are forgetting that the player will pretty much overcome all the challenges of the game when they get this gear, nothing in the game will really be a threat by the time we can get this gear, make the new hoe till multiple holes at the same time, make it so the soils its tilled with this hoe makes the crops grow faster, make the shovel dig all plants around the one we are digging, make it have some unique effect.

Make the new items worth using and objectevly better than the ones we have on the early game.

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