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the issue about pathfinder:IsClear on tile connection in diagonal direction

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the Pathfinder is a c++ side component and here's the methods provided:

GetPathTileIndexFromPoint	function: 00000000523FCEA0	
AddWall	function: 00000000523FC5A0	
IsClear	function: 00000000523FCD20	
HasWall	function: 00000000523FC4A0	
KillSearch	function: 00000000523FC7A0	
GetSearchResult	function: 00000000523FCB60	
GetSearchStatus	function: 00000000523FCDE0	
RemoveWall	function: 00000000523FCC20	
SubmitSearch	function: 00000000523FCA20	

as far as i know, the function IsClear(p1x,p1y,p1z,p2x,p2y,p2z,pathcaps) return true if from the point1 i can walk straight through to point2(or called has line of sight), and return false if no land tile connection between points or some obstacle blocked which has been registered via pathfinder:AddWall

i test the points of player's position and the point at cursor in console with this code:

local pt = ThePlayer:GetPosition(); local ct = TheInput:GetWorldPosition();

i discover a strange issue when the tiles only connected with diagonal direction just like this picture, the IsClear function return false,I think it's counterintuitive, is that a expected result?




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