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Appologies in advance for the wall of text below, but I feel it is necessary to convey the point.My vote is to put in options to allow for any part of the game to be disabled or enabled.The devs should do their modifications, and make the game completely balanced as they feel is necessary, but they should create an option screen to turn off whatever part you want. This would allow someone that is just entering the genre to ease into it rather than be turned off completely by the immediate difficulty. I favor the option screen, instead of the simplistic easy, medium, hard options that tell nothing as to what the difference is between each of them.The concept below could be easily expanded to everything in the game.In the example below for evergreen trees, the options are in 4 sections: 1) [ ]e section are options to make the game much easier and are before the base options of the section.2) [=]x These are the base options that other options build upon and can not be turned off, only overridden.3) [x]x These are base options that can be turned off.4) [ ]h These are options that can be turned on that will make the game harder than the devs intended.NOTE: all options start the way the devs want the game to be so it balanced(option section 2 & 3). Hard options override easy options if they conflict.[Evergreen Trees][ ]e Tree stumps regenerate into small tree after 1 day.[ ]e Burnt tree regenerates into small tree after 1 day.[ ]e All trees drop one twig when cut down.[ ]e All trees drop one more log when cut down.[ ]e All trees drop one more pinecone when cut down.[=]x Planted pinecone turn into small tree instantly when planted.[=]x Trees grow on a 4 day (small, medium, large, dead) cycle.[=]x Cut small trees drop 1 log.[=]x Cut medium trees drops 2 logs, 1 pinecone.[=]x Cut large trees drops 3 logs, 2 pinecones.[x]x Tree stumps do not regenerate into a new tree[x]x Chance of 1 treeguard spawning after day 3 is 1.6% when tree cut down.[x]x Chance of 2 treeguards spawning after day 30.[x]x Chance of 3 treeguards spawning after day 80.[x]x Chance of pacifing treeguard if pinecone is planted within 16 units is 15%.[x]x Chance of pacifing treeguard if pinecone is planted within 5 units is 33%.[ ]h Planted pinecone turns into small tree 1 day after planing.[ ]h Planted pinecone turns into small tree after [entry box:1]-[entry box:3] days. (random per tree)[ ]h Trees grow on a [entry box:8] day cycle.[ ]h The large tree stage is 1/2 as long as the other stages.[ ]h All trees drop one less pinecone when cut down.[ ]h Chance of a treeguard spawning is doubled (2.6% chance of spawn)[ ]h Chance of a treeguard spawning is [entry box:3.9]%(% chance of spawn)[ ]h Dead trees have a high chance of catching fire if within [entry box:5] units and carrying a torch or any fire.[ ]h Trees repeat (small, medium, large, dead) cycle only [entry box:5] times before stopping.note: the [entry box:8] would be a place the user could enter in whatever number they wanted to customize that setting. the number (in this case 8) after the colon is just an example for this post of what value could be entered there.I understand that changing options like this can lead to an unbalanced game. The devs should design it with a base set of options set (the way they want the game to be balanced and they don't have to do it for easy, medium, hard... Only balance for the settings they care about), and the player themselves can unbalance the game if they want. Remember, it is a single player game and if that makes the game enjoyable and in some cases tolerable in others, then the devs have another long term customer, and not just someone that will badmouth the game. I wish devs of all games would realize this.The Nut

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