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A way to force brightshades to spawn

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after all this time on the beta the brightshades still a bit annoying to farm time wise in my experience.

Last hotfix was trully spot on regarding the act of farming them as now they are far more enjoyable and not as tanky and i am glad that has been taken care of.

But the time between the spawn of the brightshades makes it quite annoying to farm, specially by how much of the resource its neccesary to farm to been able to make a lot of the new items. Micro managing the slow spawn of an important resource takes a lot of time for the player to do other things and overall is not really fun.

Therefore i think its fair to ask for a way to make the rifts force to spawn the new materials and enemys.

I am not the first one to say that probably the eassiest way to implement it is to make the rift overcharge with moongleams, since its a mechanic we already have in the game with the moonquay portal, which also was related to wagstaff:

For the price of 1 moon gleam 1-4 pure brilliance boulders spawn alongside 3 brightshades, enough to make a staff which is the most expensive item husk wise. Along side this , wilson been able to transmute gleams would be a lovely addition.

But there could be other ways, for example after defeating celestial champion wagstaff could give the player blueprints for items to interact with the rifts, a reverse lighting rod for rifts that made them imposible to spawn on that area, or sort of like a lunar energy bomb that we could drop on the rift to make it overcharge and spawn a lot of the new materials.

We could trade with the new mobs that spawn near the portal, we gift them potatoes and they call their friends on the other side of the rift to come and take over the potatos providers with brightshades.

Once again i like having the threat of rifts and i love its mechanics and the event itself but we need a way to protect us from them and speed up its process.

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