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The Tales Of Light and Dark.

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As the game has grown through the years we only started as a humble survivor. Wilson a Scientist Known for being exploratory.
The world he was thrust upon was mostly just berries trees and a few pigs. With the hazard being Winter is coming.  Many things also are trying to survive.  Winter arrives nothing growing our wilson. Must use what he has gathered or fight to stay alive.  Time passes nearing the end of the season Rations are low and a Big one eyed monster appears.  Run or fight? What ever happens you survive. After that we found a suspicious boulder that leads us to caves and later the ruins.
A society that was ruled and used the darkness to fuel its actions. The origin of nightmare fuel and the sanity monsters we see.
From there we move to together where maxwell is not on the throne.  A womanly touch showed new secrets. A giant hive  Frog monsters in the deep. And A new area that she needed help from wilson and the others to uncover.  It was used to take more power from the darkness.  And it shown that there was a war that went on.  Between the moon and the shadows.  Till eventually we take out the figure heads of both. one by the help of charlie(The Fuel Weaver) And the other by the help of another curious person, Wagstaff.  The alter guardian.

This causes a destabilization of the of the balance between light and dark.

Now the creatures and powers from those realms are entering the constant.
The Day Walker A pig courrupted By shadows. (Just like how the Ancient Guardian is)
And now Enlightened Creatures are invading. Not just through moon storm But through more.

Will we see more corrupted and enlightend forms enter the world?
We can only wait to fight out.

Imagine a enlightened Deerclops
Or even a courrupted one. Invading the world.
and our tools we used before only tickles.

Now we enter Don't Starve. HardMode.

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