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I feel that Spider Queen is one of the coolest bosses in don’t starve. Even though she pretty basic, being an early game boss, she has a lot of unique features. Such as unique spawn mechanics and unique enemy spawns. I feel though that she isn’t very diverse, even though she is the queen of the most diverse mob in the game, spiders. They have around eight variants and I feel that she should reflect these variations. And with each variants having cool look and unique abilities. The variants I had in mind are the regular forest, a cave/ spitter, a dangling depth, a water spider, a shattered moon, and two special nightmare and friendly spider queen variants. They each would be found or made in respective biomes and ways and would make her one of the most interesting, useful, and unique bosses in the game.

Forest spider queen-

Normal spider queen


It would spawn from a level three cave nest, and this spider queen would be dark, rocky, and bulky. She would be slower, tankier, and have ranged. She Would spawn cave spiders, spitters, and nurse spiders. She would also have the addition of the spit attack.

Dangling depth-

This one would be silk white and is the opposite of the cave variant, being fast, lower health, but being able to jump and does more damage. She wouldn’t spawn any unique spiders other than dangling depth and would be spawned by earth quakes shaking her from the ceiling.

Water spider-

She would be green and thin having the least health of the variants but also being the fastest out of all of them, easily out racing boats. She doesn’t have any special tricks other than being fast and spawns only water spiders, but she has to be dealt quick unless you want an army of spiders chasing you.

Moon spider-

She would be rocky and moonified. She would be very slow as she has to drag her nest. Being transformed she would produce and enlightenment aura and be very tough, having increased damage and health. To combat this, use shadow weapons as she would take 1.5 damage from them. She would bite the ground and produce large crystal spikes, similar to antlion. She would only spawn other moon spiders.

Nightmare spider-

She would be pitch black, possessing no nest as she burst from it. She would be much larger than normal and posses faster movement, higher attack speed, greater health, and more damage. She wouldn’t spawn any spiders and can only be created by building a nest over a nightmare fissure. She is also super aggressive and will attack any one. If she kills anything or one, she will go berserk. Quickly chasing down anyone, even with walking cane and magiluminescence. If she does kill you she will regain all her health.

Friendly spider queen-

Only Webber can spawn this one and spawns her by having spider den decorations on a tier three nest and putting a stack of silk in it. She would be totally friendly to any teammates and make any spiders around her friendly. If she’s attacked she will rather run away. You must keep her fed if you want her to live. She would be chubby with a big smile. Her unique features is that Webber could ride her, she would have a webby inventory, and be a crafting station for Webber. Were he can craft various spiders from meat and other parts.

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