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sugestion: new perks for the beard branch, instead of beard hair wilson grows other resources

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There is a handfull of resources that one might want to always carry around and i think wilson been able to pasively get this resources is a usefull and unique perk that fits him quite well.

On top of growth speed and insulation wilson could have other sub branch on the beard section that will provoke him grow grass and twigs on his beard, then lightbulbs an finally nightmare fuel.

The resources you will get will be determined by the stage of your beard, at first stage you only get grass and twigs, second light bulbs and third nightmarefuel, whenever you decide to shave you will get five of each.

The justification behind this is that wilson is probably the kind of guy who gets hipefixated on a project for a week and loose the ability to be aware his apereance, hunger or social live, so the longer he stays without practicing personal hygiene (shaving) the more thing gets traped in his beard or start growing on there.

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This is a cool idea. The insulation perk is kind of mediocre and is worse in Summer. It would be cool if he could, maybe this could go on the same level as the fuelweaver condition as an addition as it seems magical.

Also 5 of each seems too much because of how fast his beard grows. The numbers need changed but cool idea.

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