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How to filter targets for shadowwaxwell brain?

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Hello everyone,

I want to prevent Maxwell's shadows from chopping trees that are not fully grown.

However, after the Maxwell patch everything seems to be way more complex. As I understand, the "FindAnyEntityToWorkActionsOn" function calls "FilterAnyWorkableTargets" which returns a target and then "FindAnyEntityToWorkActionsOn" will return a "BufferedAction" telling what to do with that target. I probably could achieve what I want if I just patch "FilterAnyWorkableTargets" but I don't know how to patch it or even how to "find" its address. So far the only option I see is to copy "FindAnyEntityToWorkActionsOn" and everything it is trying to use, which seems to be an antipatern.

In the end I would like to prevent shadows from cutting ungrown trees and destroying the glommer statue.

Any suggestion on where I should look at?

Best regards

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This funny tag is used to stop shadows from mining certain things such as bee queen hive and wobsters dens. Just add this to glommer statue and ungrown trees and everything should be poggers. I don't see anything that may cause any logic errors and is even used for the Christmas tree to stop this issue as well I think.

GL modding

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