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Problems on some controllers,help me,please!(Sorry, I sent the wrong column before)

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I'm sorry,  I repeated a post in the front, because I sent it to the general discussion, and I think the content is more suitable for putting in the suggestions.

官方你好,很抱歉,本人英语水平很有限,可能语句有错误,请见谅。最近我在steam deck上游玩饥荒联机版时(DST),遇到了一些问题,我外接了一套蓝牙键鼠,在游玩饥荒联机版时,无法使用键鼠功能,只能使用deck的手柄操作,有一些不错的mod,需要使用键鼠进行使用,即使是修改手柄映射也是无法解决的,因此希望官方可以在deck上添加允许外接蓝牙设备,或许可以是很多玩家的游戏体验进一步提升,我是您们的老粉丝一枚,早在饥荒联机版还是在测试时,我就已经开始游玩了,当时是2013或者2014年,,每一款我都有购入,。

Now I have a problem when playing DST in steamdeck.I have connected a set of keyboard and mouse through Bluetooth.But in DST, i can't use the keyboard and mouse operation.I hope to allow the use of external Bluetooth devices in steam deck's DST.I like your game very much,and I'm looking forward to your new game。I hope you can see that this suggestion is helpful to me and many players.

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