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regarding the perks for wilson and his progression, and ways to improve it

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The way i see it, the fact that wilsons progressions continue between worlds means that not all his perks are meant to be relevant on the run.

With this i mean that the torch and the beard perks are ways in the early game to make it a bit easier for new players but once they survive enough they will move out to the alchemy perks, Overall i believe the torch and beard abilitys are meant to be forgotten once you get all your points and unlock all your habilitys.

I see why this is the way it is but i also think that it wont hurt anyone if this branches of the skill tree were expanded and/or buffed. I think wilson deserves been a viable option for the endgame and while the alchemy is probably one of the best ideas we got for a character in a while i dont think is enough to carry the character.

As always i am sure the devs are aware of this and the gentelman scientist will get the complexity and apealing we want him to have.

I would also suggest a few ways in which his abilitys could get changed:

-Long duration and increased brightness apliying to all equipabe light sources

-Been able to refill lanterns and minerhats with noghtmarefuel

-sanity restoration whenever wilson is near a light

-wilson getting a speed boost when having lantern/miner hat/etc eqiped

Please drop your ideas bellow and thanks for taking the time in reading this post

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Lanterns and miner hats don't really need buffing. Unless you never go into caves for some reason, most of the time you're going to have more lightbulbs than you can use before they spoil. And why in the Constant would anyone want to waste nightmare fuel on light?? If you want to spite your local Maxwell so badly, you can make a shadow chester to steal his stuff instead.

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