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I'm open for mod commissions!

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Hey there!

I'm open for mod commissions now: Characters, items, foods and weapons are all available as requests.

You can check out my previous character and item mods here:

Steam közösség :: Sümi :: Műhely-elemek (steamcommunity.com)


IMPORTANT NOTE: I'm not the sharpest tool when it comes to complex perk programming, I usually commission someone as well. I'm mainly a visual creator type of guy.

If you are interested, hit me up on Discord: Sümi#3084

Feel free to ask, you don't have to commit to anything for a question.

Here's the price list for character mods (item-only or unique mods' price may vary depending on its complexity):


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@AntWolfProd I just opened the commissioning again, hit me up on Discord: sumistudio

Hey everyone!

I have some free time on my hands early this year, so I decided to open Don't Starve Together commissioning again! Playable characters, items, concept art, single art pieces, you name it. I'm flexible about the subject, hit me up and we can discuss the details. I'm mainly looking for DST related commissions, but I have an open mind about themes outside of the game as well.


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