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Mysterious Hermit should only eat gas range meals (+4 food)

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I think this would be a good change since it gives Jorge a fixed disadvantage trait so you know exactly the traits of the dupe you will be recruiting, also it gives the players an actual reason and motive to use the gas range rather than it being an unnecessary accessory, and it just doesn't make sense that you invite the hermit with high quality food only to later feed him with terrible quality food.

a high prestige dupe deserves high quality treatment.

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I think I agree that it can feel like the food system doesn't motive use of the gas range.  But, I don't take on dozens of duplicants and play on max difficulty hunger all that often.  I suspect that you kind of play with limited numbers also, and don't play max difficulty hunger all that often.

So this advanced duplicant is dumb enough to refuse food and even starve if he can't eat his beloved high quality food?  But then Jorge sounds like some fool who would rather starve than eat muckroot.

All gas range food requires multiple resources to make the food, and some of it can get obtained from wild sources, like pip planted pincha peppernuts I think (not sure, haven't used pips to plant them, but I think they do?).  So, gas range food in general conserves on resources, in addition to giving morale boosts.

Also, if you understand the startup settings, all food is an unnecessary accessory, since duplicants can get set so that they don't eat.  That means that they can't get a morale boost from a mess hall or great hall also or from food quality.  That could lead to higher stress levels.

I think the real question about the food system lies in whether the food system encourages monodiets or doesn't encourage using enough of the variety of foods at the maximum kilocalorie setting with a large colony.  I suspect it does, but again I can't speak from experience, or know enough about players who have played that way.


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