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How to make inventory as a fridge?

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I'm new to modding and I want to create a character which she has her inventory function like a fridge, makes food spoil slower in inventory.

I tried to add the tag "fridge" to the character but that doesn't seem to work and will crash the game.

pls help thanks!

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I'm not sure why the fridge tag would be crashing you, it doesn't look like its called in anything that would be upset with it not technically being a container.

Regardless, the actual way you'll want to do this is quite simple, just taking from WX who has something similar with one of his upgrade modules.

--In your master_postinit function
inst.components.preserver:SetPerishRateMultiplier(.5) -- .5 can be whatever you want as long as its above 0, anything above 1 will make things perish faster

And then you're done!

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