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I need help with biome

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Only thing I for one found close to tile editing post World Generation, namely the destruction and/or placement of land-like tiles, was the Arcadiea mod (random print-screen example in spoiler below - not mine, don't know the poster, solely found it via DST Steam's Screenshots - for placing Wood turf-tiles, aka Bridge Board, on Ocean space; read mod's specs for details). Could be a good place to start when looking into named real-time tile editing.




Other mods that may help you in some capacity: Simple Map Editor Fix, EditMap, Do your Map !. Accent on "may". Most likely won't for what you exemplify (haven't tested them personally for landmass tile deletion).

If certain aspects of map, aside bare-bone tiles, bother you, can simply delete them:




for k,v in pairs(Ents) do if v.prefab == "prefab" then v:Remove() end end


Perhaps some coders/modders visiting this posting may provide you, OP, with more precise/punctual solutions. Cheers!

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