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More uses for telltale heart

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Dead Friendly Fruit Fly Fruit: It's really common in public servers for other players to lead hounds into the fruit fly
just last Thursday it happened 3 times to me. And in the week I lost it about 7-8 times to careless Wendy players since RILED UP Abigail is still targeting the poor harmless thing. 

Dead mandrakes: they would hop out of your inventory. Some people could like it for decorations since you can kinda replant them.


Eyebone and Star-sky: Speed up how fast chester and hutch return, maybe revive them in their previous form aka snow/shadow chester. 


(Just maybe)Dead glommer flower: Now hear me out. Goop isn't even that good for it to be such slow thing to get and the more people on server the harder it is to share glommer. You might have tons of it in end game but it doesn't matter there. Early game in pubs it could be great for everyone to make use of hostility flare which is still 60% RNG. That could be finally a thing that gets people on pubs with decent amount of players to stop fighting over eyebrellas and canes.

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I wouldn't be against it. I'm particularly interested in a way for live mandrakes to be renewable. An idea I pitched earlier was for mandrakes dropped from a loot stash bundle to come out live. Glommer's greatest value is in being able to summon krampus, so it might be a bit OP as a way for rapid attempts at a krampus sack. Could possibly be countered by the use of a telltale heart on a non-player entity disabling naughtiness for a day.

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I haven't seen krampus sack in a year. 1% chance is nothing.  You might get sack from next krampus you kill or never.

Some people keep looking at it like 1%*100 krampii = 100% chance

But if you wanted to have like 95% chance for it to drop at least once you'd have to kill at least 298 krampi. For this much wasted health, grass, glands, time, weapons, armor and effort I think that's still not worth trying. 

This would be great to show people how unfun RNG is.

I'm sure reviveable glommer wouldn't ruin don't starve

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