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Pig/frog enclosure gone very wrong

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I thought I would wall in a little pond and put a pig house inside the wall.  The idea was that the frogs would kill the pig during the day, then I'd go in after dusk to collect meat and pigskin.  Anyone with experience in this game can see many ways this could go wrong.  I had a vague memory about a chance of a goose spawning.

The wall didn't even come out straight because I misjudged the location of a juicy berry bush and had to loop around the goose spawn point.  I had to build half of it twice because the pig house wouldn't fit inside unless I built it first.

When the goose spawned, I knew it wasn't good, but it also wasn't initially bad.  The goose was so intent on attacking the wall that it ignored me walking in to pick up the pig and frog drops.  Then it started raining frogs.

I was resource short, lacking rain protection, swarmed by frogs, etc.  I made a run for a somewhat nearby fire pit next to a touchstone near some beefalo, but that was no better.  I managed to get the fire lit, than ran around it in circles as night fell.  Then my sanity hit zero, and I kept running around the fire chased by a crawling horror and later a terrorbeak.  Somehow, I survived until morning and ran back to camp for jerky, donning my winter cap for a little sanity.

I was optimistic when I saw the pile of frog legs, then delighted when the frogs killed the goose!  No time to celebrate, I ran for the jerky, and managed to wolf down a few before the frogs did me in.

I resurrected at a touch stone, returned to camp to collect my stuff, but now the moslings had hatched.  They started running around eating my stuff.  That was annoying, but manageable until they started attacking.  I didn't take any screen shots because I was too busy dodging the dervish moslings and frogs and trying to start a fire and craft a straw hat to dry out.

I died.  I eventually succumbed to a mosling while trying to juggle lighting, dodge, and lead it to beefalo.  It wasn't pretty.

Screenshot from 2023-01-20 22-13-35.png

Screenshot from 2023-01-20 22-14-51b.png

Screenshot from 2023-01-20 23-07-15b.png

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