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HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Doubts regarding files and programming)

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hello again, sorry but I'm very new to character mods, you see I have a few questions regarding some image files and programming

I am making a character that I want to put as abilities
*the duration of tools like wes, but without that annoying extra time
*longer cold duration (like willow but with cold)
*and start with a backpack
(I tried the backpack thing and if it appears in the character selection but in-game it does not appear)

Another issue is that I am replacing all the texts with phrases of my character, but no matter how much I do it, the same ones continue to appear... (in this case, Wilson's lines)

Another question I have is that I don't get the files to replace the sound of carol (I have all the audio files, I just don't know how to add carol, since the sample doesn't bring that audio and the tutorial I saw was this:

https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEHu2JvAr6w

another doubt that I have which file corresponds to each expression? It is that I downloaded the character sample, but in "faces" some faces do not remain with the emotion, I don't know if someone can tell me which number corresponds to each expression...

In any case, if someone could explain to me which expression number corresponds to each expression, I would appreciate it.

Also if someone told me how to add code with the "skills I said"

in any case
The encoding to add would be:
-the durability of tools like wes but without the extra time
-Carol (I'll take care of the audio)
-resistance like willow but for winter (and that summer is deadly for the clear character
-(I really don't know if it should be added)
but as I was saying I'm adding personalized description texts and things like that, but for some reason they don't come out  :C

-Also that it is good for collecting a speed when collecting sticks, grass, felling, mining etc.

(also regarding the name file (image of the character name), according to me I redesigned it but I think it is another file that is missing and did not bring the "charactersample")

I'll still leave the file in case someone wants to help me with the coding instead of explaining it to me... I would really appreciate any kind of help!! Without further ado, thank you very much... UWU



note:Greetings from Mexico and excuse my bad English, but I'm using a translator XD

by the way if you want to contact me
-steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/ChrisComeTacosAlPastorConLimon/ (comment first and I'll add you)
-discord: ChrisSnayCj#5743


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