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reset an asteroid? (after building an orbital depot?)

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This is not for roleplay or other in-game reasons.  Instead, I'm wondering if it would be a practical solution to the problem of very late game cpu and game save requirements.  There's reason to visit asteroids, but there's not much reason to stay at most of them.  When done with an asteroid, would it reduce cpu calculations and game save slowdown by simply "eliminating" the asteroid, returning it to its default unexplored state?  The player would, of course, lose any dupes or structures that were left on it.

Brainstorm: If that happened, but the player still needs someplace to refuel rockets, then what about using a base to build an orbiting depot that keeps a stockpile and can automatically resupply each needed rocket resource (fuel, air intake, liquid intake).  When you build it (perhaps building more than one depot per asteroid), you select which tile around the asteroid it will occupy.  After the orbiting platform is built, then you can reset the asteroid to reduce the game's requirements while still keeping the limited benefit of a resupply location.  Resupply the platform by firing resource packets of appropriate fuel at it from any asteroid.  Maybe the platform is what's used to reset the asteroid?  A kind of massive demolition bomb?

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