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Catapults need to have better targeting have it as a setting maybe have Winona make a wrench and you can set it as passive, aggressive and neutral

Passive: it only attacks any creature you as the player attacks or is hurt. 

Aggressive: attacks all mobs (This one will be mostly used) 

Neutral: attacks nothing for the time being 

I would like it if anybody could use the wrench but I'm fine if Winona is the only one that can use it but as of right now the targeting system is more of the passive and its not to useful for farms I have to hit the hounds in my warg farm to get the catapults to even attack the individual Hound then they completely stop yet again until i get attacked or attack even though they are surrounded by hounds. Another suggestion for the wrench have the spot lights have settings as well following player or target mods only and a single fixed area. 

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