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Consistent units in lists

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The game has settings for temperature units but not for other units and I need more of that. I absolutely dislike how it converts between grams, kilograms and tons based on quantity, especially when it's in the same list, such as the resource sidebar or, the main issue I was having, critter diet. I was feeding Hatches Meal Lice because I didn't notice the coal excretion was in grams, even though the first item in the list was in kilograms.

In short, I want exactly the same units for all items in any list, including the resource sidebar. This could be a setting/multiple settings. Any solution works, including a setting to completely drop all but one unit for the same measurement class (for example, only kilograms and no t/g/mg).

It's also weird that food/medicine/eggs/seeds get special treatment in most places to show kcal/units but not in individual storage building content preview, for example when clicking on storage bins (they are shown in kg there).

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