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Self contained Suit Dock/Checkpoint with configurable entry and exit on any of the 4 sides.

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When organizing exits from the 'safe' part of the colony to all the dangerous 'outside' bits, when the checkpoints/docks are stacked vertically for dupes to exit in a East/West direction, the checkpoints work fine. Setting them out horizontally for North/South exits on the other hand requires a lot more 'real estate' with adjacent access corridors above and below to replace the functionality of the ladder for the vertically stacked layout, and for whatever reason, even with the checkpoint set to Vacancy, the suits still wind up going missing and I'm constantly having to request more, and then dupes get stuck outside because a suit gets delivered whilst they're off working, so the checkpoint needs updating to always and then back to Vacancy once they're back inside. It's a whole mess!

These woes aside, what would be super awesome, is if there was an upgrade to the current system with a self contained unit which could be configured to specify which side is the entry, and which is the exit of any of the 4 sides of the capsule, with a sealed hatch then appearing on each chosen sides, then they get in, put their suit on and leave by the specified hatch, then do the same in reverse on the way back in. Something a little like a submarine lock in essence - maybe having it work under liquid would make it extra useful. 

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