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DST Nintendo Switch Servers Crashing after December 2022 (Winter Feast) Update

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I play DST on the switch and overall love the game. I was hosting on a very well established server shortly after the Winters Feast update and it started bugging out (couldn’t pick up/click on items) and then it would crash shortly after the glitch happened. The server encounters the same issue now and crashes every time. 

I started ANOTHER server (unfortunately, as I loved the map generation of my prior world) and all was going well until recently. It seems now that the game crashes after a few minutes of game play or as soon as the “new day” arrives, and when you load back in no progress has been saved. It’s to the point where it’s unplayable (just as the last server). I am not sure if anyone has had issues with servers crashing (solo or public worlds) after the Winters Feast update but it’s really bumming me out! I’ve tried everything from rolling back to changing my internet connection and nothing has rectified the problem. 


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