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Make unsaddled bonded Beefalos safe from player attacks just like saddled ones.

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So because of the newly added Steamed Twigs, it's now a lot more viable to domesticate a Beefalo through feeding it rather than through riding, which is a change I strongly support. This even allows people to bypass the issue of saddle bucking altogether if they wish.

When feeding a Beefalo twigs, you only get 210 seconds away from your Beefalo before it bucks its saddle. When using Lightbulbs this is only 160 seconds. Considering the whole domestication process takes about 3 hours, that's a lot of room for mistakes. Personally I get distracted far too frequently, and there is no indication whatsoever that a Beefalo is about to buck its saddle, so I figured I'd try taming it without one.

However the issue is that while saddled Beefalos cannot be targeted for attacks using left click (instead the default action is "Examine"), this is not so for unsaddled Beefalos. If you misclick while feeding it anything, you lose hours of domestication progress. You can even hit it with a Saddlehorn, which is incredibly painful since even when using the saddle, you're always one misclick away from losing hours of progress the moment the saddle is removed.

In addition to the default action issue, saddled Beefalos are even safe from Control - F attacks. They need to be deliberately clicked with the left mouse while holding control to attack them. But for an unsaddled bonded Beefalo, holding F alone is enough to attack them. (EDIT: after further testing you need to user crtl + F to mark the bonded beefalo as a target first, but it stays marked even if you go as far as to outright unload them). This makes any combat whatsoever very risky with an unsaddled bonded Beefalo.

I'd like to see these two protections of saddled Beefalos added to any bonded Beefalo. In the end it wouldn't take away any options from players since you could still attack bonded Beefalos (which is certainly useful in some ways), but it would protect players from forgivable mistakes like spam clicking your Beefalo to get rid of a couple stale carrots, petals, mushrooms etc. and facing a large penalty as a result.

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