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Research Extension: Bio-Engineering Research/Biological Manipulator

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Hey Folks! Been getting back into the game here recently and ideas just whiz by as I'm playing, thought I'd jot down them if anyone found them interesting. I plan on making more since I got a crazy amount of ideas and don't plan to stop playing the game anytime soon. 


Bio-Engineering Research:

The Concept behind Biological Engineering struck me whenever I was playing the game and realized that there wasn't a huge incentive to focus on ranching and getting to later tiers of the Agricultural research tree felt underwhelming until later in the game. So I came up with the idea that a new research type be added focusing on more biological creations/solutions compared to mechanical. This could be anything that was related with biological organisms, such as critters and plants. There are quite a few reasons why I think this could be added into the game and they are as follows:

  1. The Botanical Analyzer focuses on allowing you to view seeds with mutations. This feels incredibly related to the field and I would consider it an entry point for the Bio-Engineering Research to begin(It wouldn't spread to many of the other paths and would instead stay within a select amount of choice recipes). 
  2. The Critter Flux o Matic focuses on changing creatures species and this also seems something related to biological engineering. 
  3. Just the inclusion of Creature species/specializations and mutated plants make me feel like this field should exist
  4. The agricultural/farming field of the game gets limited quick and I feel like expanding it would be a great addition to the game.

Possible Bio-Engineering Recipes:

I have spent the better part of 4 hours working on concepts and ideas that would fit this field and help improve the game to some degree. Here are a short list of them with more in depth ideas later on:

  • Botanical Evo-Simulator
  • Build-A-Critter
  • Build-A-Dupe
  • Critter Power

Botanical Evo-Simulator:

The Botanical Evo-Simulator takes a plant and simulates it's entire lifespan hundreds of thousands of times while adding environmental conditions and materials to help you evolve your plant into an entirely new existence. The Evo-Simulator would allow you to gain specialized plants or cross breeds of plants that change the way they act or have entirely different functions. This would add a later stage addition to farming where you would have an incentive to create specialized plants to deal with niche or general situations. This machine looks like a green computer with scrolling green text and a small glass enclosed flower pot that has a flower in it that, when in use, dies and comes back alive over and over again. 

Botanical Evo-Simulator Station:
Cost: Steel + Phosphorite + Glass
Use Cost: 
Energy + Water + Requested material for recipe. 

Example list:

-Plump Stump: 

The Plump stump is the evolution of the Mealwood plant. It takes the form of a small hollowed out stump(1/2 tiles tall) that has a stuck large Meal Lice on it's back with it's legs raised in the air wriggling about. The Plump Stump can be harvested for one 'Plump Rump' which is dense in calories while maintaining a low food quality. The Plump Rump can be turned into a vegan alternative to barbeque known as 'Mystery Ribs'. 

Crafting: Meal Lice + Meat/Fertilizer

-Moon Shroom:

The Moon Shroom is a small black capped white mushroom that glows with a gentle lunar light. Moon Shrooms are evolved Dusk Caps. The Moon Shroom attracts water towards it while in darkness and can be used as a way to divert water flows in a base. 

Crafting: Dusk Cap + Uranium/Refined Uranium

-Blazing Bellow:

The Blazing Bellow is a large red plant that has ridges resembling a bellow. It is an evolution of the frosty Wheezy Wort and the devilish Sporechid. The Blazing Bellow acts similarly to the Wheezy Wort by changing the temperatures around it but instead of lowering them, it raises them. 

Crafting: Wheeze wort + Sporechid


The Parskit is a small plant that resembles a ball of yarn with two knitting needles stabbed into the top. The Plant looks suspiciously like a parsnip despite it being made out of yarn. The Parskit is picked by pulling it out of the ground like a muckroot, which it is an evolution of. The Parskit is an alternative to the Thimble Reeds and allows you to farm fiber with less restrictions then the latter. The downside of the Parskit is that it takes longer to grow than thimble reeds. 


Build-A-Critter is a machine that relies on organic materials and metals to create a select few custom creatures. This machine is the precursor machine to the 'Build-A-Dupe' machine that allows minor advanced androids to be made to automate basic tasks. The food the Critter Bot's would consume would depend based on their type or they could default to using slime. Critter Bot's have decreased appetites compared to normal critters. 

Steel + Slime + Oxylite 

Example List:

Pyro Light:

Pyro Light is a bug-like robot that resembles a small lantern. It glows brightly and provides warmth to it's surroundings. 


The Patch is any engineers best friend. They are an adaption of the Hatch which tunes in on machines and helps load them up if items are near. They also have the ability to repair items in a pinch incase your dupes are mile away and your power system is about to blow...


Pops are an 'off brand' version of pips that strangely work better than the original. They have an increased seed placement range and can also fertilize the seeds they plant by using the composter that is built into their backs(They need dirt for this function to work). 


Build-a-Dupe is a machine that revolutionizes the robotics industry. It creates a sophisticated android that resembles a dupe to perform all of your chores for you! The Build-a-Dupe has two model types it can create and each of them are very useful. Dupe-Bots do not suffer from exhaustion and do not need to sleep or use the restroom like normal dupes(They do require fuel though). They can also survive environments with no oxygen and can withstand heightened temperatures. The two variants are as follows:

Bud The Butler: This Dupe-bot has the ability to tidy and supply around your base with it's goods. 

Doug The Digger: This Dupe-bot has the ability to mine away all your troubles(May get stuck since it cannot build). 

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