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Do you think it would be more fun if external temperature sources like fire were changing your temperature faster?

Do you think it would be more fun if external temperature sources like fire were changing your temperature faster?  

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  1. 1. Faster good temperature sources, weather temperature changing speed stays the same.

    • I like it
    • I don't like it
  2. 2. Rate of temperature change from external sources

    • Linear (currently)
    • Non-linear (Starts fast and gets slower near limit)

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For those who don't know how temperature works

Ok so currently temperature works like this. you go less than 0 you freeze and take damage you go over 70 you overheat and take damage.
If your temperature is different than the weather's then it will change towards it by 1 temperature per second. Every 30 insulation gives you 1 extra second before it goes down and vice versa with 30 summer protection.
Good temperature stuff like fires or cold fires will also change your temperature at a rate of 1 per second but will stop at some point depending on what kind of source it is, in winter big campfire would stop at 35s giving you 35s of walking in cold. A burning tree or magma pool would let you go over 70 and take damage if you stand near it for 70 seconds if you were about to freeze.


1. For later joiners. Multiplayer in Europe, for example, is emptyyyy by end of autumn because people just don't like to deal with temperature before you get some gear you spend half of your time standing near the fire.

2. For new players, if they make a mistake the future potential late joiners are now avoiding. They have no idea how temperature works and stay too short, they're willing to stay about 20 seconds and then they run out and freeze in next 20 seconds.  

3. Tedious. 70 seconds is a lot of waiting. I know you can chop a tree or something meantime but not always you can do this and the looong breaks for this are really disrupting the gameplay flow. 

4. It could be a buff to clothing items. Thermals are just too good right now for clothing to compete.


How long do you think it should take to go from 0 to 70?

Linear rate of temperature change

Maybe it should not be linear increase so it's more rewarding to say near fire for more short periods rather than heating up to max. Non-linear temperature change would definitely make it easier to grasp for new players despite being actually more complex.

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