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[suggest]willson,do it again

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The core: the success of Wilson's experiment is the result of constant experimentation and summarization
Wilson can make the following new items disassembly tools, scientific disassembly tools, magic disassembly tools, relic disassembly tools, smart hats
The disassembly tool, made of charcoal and stone, is the original technology that came with it. It can disassemble objects built under scientific instruments, but only returns half of the object-building resources. Durable 10 times
The scientific disassembly tool is a combination of a disassembly tool and a electronic component under an alchemy engine, with a new grid that can hold only papyrus, using a scientific disassembly tool loaded with papyrus, you can disassemble non-magical items and return all construction materials, as well as obtain blueprints of the disassembled items, which last up to five times
The magic disassembly tool combines the disassembly tool with the ruby under the Shadow Manipulator and adds a new grid that can only hold papyrus, using the papyrus-loaded magic dismantling tool, you can disassemble the magical item and return all the building materials. You will also be given a blueprint of the item being disassembled, which will last up to 5 times
The relic dismantling tool was synthesized with the thulium mine insignia under a complete ancient science station, and a new grid was added that could only hold wax paper, using a wax paper-loading demolition tool, you can dismantle the building and return all the construction materials. You will also get blueprints of the demolished building, which will last five times
When the disassembly class tool does not load items, no blueprint is obtained
The cap, made from crown of enlightenment shards, bearskin, and quill pen under an alchemy engine, can build anything but unlock a prototype, lasts 10 times, stays warm for 240 seconds, has a shimmer, and can be sewn with a sewing kit


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You're right, it may not be very interesting, but it's just a new idea, and I have a feeling it's very unlikely to be adopted. As the characters kept reworking, it was found that the authorities were more inclined to add extra abilities to the characters, such as heat and cold resistance, extra storage, night resistance, and so on, although it was exciting to some extent, but it also makes some of the original features of the objects have been diluted.

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