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How to debug stuff ?

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Im trying to prefix a method BipedTransitionLayer.BeginTransition and clearly I did something wrong because as soon as dupes begin to move game just craches. And it seems that it didnt leave any logs behind of what had happened. I dont really know how to debug it.

p.s. im new to harmony and c#


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So as it turned out the line

__instance.BeginTransition(navigator, transition);

was calling Prefix method in an infinite loop. And idk why because its an instance of a different class.

Any way I decided to just remove that line and everything worked.

why do Klei have this line in there code anyway? method TransitionDriver.OverrideLayer.BeginTransition(Navigator navigator, Navigator.ActiveTransition transition) is literally empty!

Is this some sort of Klei spaghetti code or i'm missing something?

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