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need help with implementing wortox's attributes/perks into a mod?

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hi, I need some help :()

essentially, i'm trying to get an identical wortox soul attribute to my character. (teleporting with souls, souls in general, healing with souls, eating souls, etc.)

I'm modding my character right now and I have looked at Wortox's prefab, tried to put soul attributes from that prefab to my mod's prefab as well as adding in other prefab files that includes soul properties within them (i also added the soul_fx, and the soul animations where they belong)

the character loads fine, and i'm able to play the game fine, however nothing involving souls. no souls load, no souls spawn, and i don't come into the constant with souls in hand. i'm unsure on how to make this work and looked everywhere to find a solution and couldn't find anything. i just want to implement wortox's souls (healing, hunger, teleporting) for my character (if that's possible. i really like wortox's soul abilities and i wanted to make my own character mod for that, alongside different character settings like hunger, sanity, health)

thank you for your time !!

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