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Save the wortox.

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hello everyone, first of all I use a translator I hope you would understand anyway, I bought Wortox I love this character its mechanics but especially its teleportation but it is unfortunately extremely frustrating to play on xbox because the button B is overused in the game and I have lost count of the number of times I teleport myself without wanting to. A simple solution would be to use the Y button which is only used to inspect something I never use. By adding the ability to disable inspection in the settings I could finally play this special character. Another possibility is to drastically reduce the range at which the character will want to inspect something otherwise we will not be able to teleport too close to something to inspect (absolutely all in the game). I'm not talking about the fact that we can't choose the place on the screen because this problem is more complicated to solve. Another thing but it's more in balancing I find the -5 sanity too penalizing when you eat a soul it breaks all its interest. 25 hunger for -5 sanity I don't think it's interesting and since it only has half the benefits of classic food we spend our time eating. As a solution I propose either to reduce the heal a little to 15 which is very correct in exchange for + 7.5 of sanity when you release a soul or to remove the -5 of sanity but that only gives 15 of hunger. Thank you very much and long life to Dont starve together.

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