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Cart or container feature for easier curios unravelling

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Like the title suggest, I think it would be nice to have a cart or container feature so the player can select the curios they want to unravel then execute the process in one single click. As of right now, it's quite a hassle to unravel unwanted or extra curios one by one especially if the player have a lot in their collection.

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I suppose it would be more efficient to be able to mark numerous curios for unraveling prior to actually performing the operation. Easier on servers as there wouldn't need to be an operation for every individual item, and also a layer of protection in case a player accidentally selects something for unraveling that they don't want to unravel; because of the confirmation step, such mistakes could be reversed prior to finalization.

That said, some, especially those who tend to unravel any duplicates or unwanted curios as soon as they get them, may find the addition of an extra step in the process an unjustifiable contribution to tedium, so it would be best to have this exist only as an option, so as not to force it on everybody.

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