Make Shadow Chester more friendly to other characters.

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Before I start: Klei, thanks for Maxwell update! I was having fun yesterday summoning shadow duelists and shadow servants to mine salt formations, it has never been this relaxing before, I even found myself smiling for how cool it was in comparison to the other methods I had to mine, gather and fight cookie cutters.


Now, for the suggestion: As far as I know we currently are facing two issues with Shadow Chester since the Maxwell update:

1) Players that aren't Maxwell can't use shadow chester because it is all linked to Maxwell's magician's top hat and magician's chest, making it difficult or annoying for players that want to use it without affecting Maxwell players and vice versa.

2) Shadow Chester's contents are stored in the Maxwell's invisible/abstract chest instead of Shadow Chester itself and when Shadow Chester dies it's contents aren't dropped and can't be reached if it isn't through the magician's top hat or the magician's chest, so playing Maxwell or resummoning Shadow Chester is mandatory to get those items back.


My suggestion is: Allow Maxwell to cast a spell on Shadow Chester to include it in his magician storing system, with this suggestion any player can use Shadow Chester without the shared storing space and lost items issue.


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I'm against this idea.

As I understand it, this shadow space is an excellent asset for cooperative play. With Maxwell and his imbued hat, another player with Shadow Chester, and a magician's chest at the base, supplies can be sent to and from the base quickly. Say for example a distant Maxwell is in need of some food, a player at the base can whip something up, stuff it in the magician's chest, and Maxwell can just pull it out of his hat, or if something is needed by the player with Shadow Chester, it can be sent the same way, while they gather whatever resources are needed at the base, sending them back the same way without worrying about the capacity of the shadow space as whoever is minding the base can simply unload it. I think sounds really cool, and regulating Shadow Chester and such to "Maxwell's stuff only: hands off!" sounds like a major lost opportunity.

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You may have misunderstood my suggestion. 

I find it fun and useful too to share this inventory system with other players, but this should be a choice to make and not the rule, this is why I suggest a spell or something else to include shadow chester in the shadow inventory system if the players want to or not.

The objective of this is to fix Chester Dying and not dropping everything inside because it is stored somewhere else and leaving shadow chester independant of Maxwell's inventory if players wish so.

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