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Wormwood Rework/Ideas

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*This is a post because I have nothing better to do today, don’t judge

Here are some ideas for Wormwood being reworked:

1. Craftable plant buddies, made with one tree seed and one living log, each having their own pros and cons. 

Twiggy Sproutguard (Working Name) The Twiggy Sproutguard is crafted with 1 twiggy tree cone and 1 living log. It’s perk is speed (cause it’s twiggy) and it kicks to attack (10 Damage). It has the lowest health of them all (125 hp) Here is a reference photo, sorry it sucks.image.thumb.jpg.76969d6d0aa06aed32a0b627597f39b4.jpg


Birchnut Sproutguard, the Birchnut sproutguard is crafted with 1 birchnut and 1 living log. It is tanky (200 hp) and deals light thorns damage (5 Damage). It headbutts to attack dealing 10 damage, but it is slow attacking. Best used as a distraction to enemies.image.thumb.jpg.12d81234a394e575b1dee01a14b5d790.jpg


Evergreen Sproutguard, crafted with 1 pinecone and 1 living log. It deals the most damage (15 damage) and is midrange health (150 hp) but it doesn’t have any other perks. It chomps to attack.image.thumb.jpg.ce9332ccc83454e826e5c4ac8ef23468.jpg

2. Flower trail skins ex. hollow skin gets a mushroom trail, moonbound skin gets a lunar blossom trail.

3. No sanity loss when near treeguards, I mean they’re trees that are alive and he’s a tree that is alive, they’re practically friends.

4. Some sort of way to befriend treeguards, or treeguards will help him fight attackers.

5. Bramble Husk skins and Bramble Trap Skins that correspond to head skins.

6. If he is fully bloomed he will spawn a flower every ten seconds unless there is a flower within 2 meters.

7. He can water himself for sanity, but gain 20 wetness (good for summer).

That’s it! If you read all the way through thank you. I don’t need all of these ideas to be put in, rather it’s just a brain dump of some ideas. Anyways have a great day and stay safe! 

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