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[Mod Request] Wendy recruit ghosts

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I like the idea of Wendy being able to recruit ghosts and use ghostly elixirs on them and was wondering if anyone wanted to make this mod so ill put my ideas here for someone to use (please?). So generally I want them to become mini Abigails with a few additional changes:

  • They would have a negative sanity aura, though reduced from when they were "wild"
  • Ghostly elixirs applied to Abigail would also effect recruited ghosts at half effectiveness.
  • Would use Abigail's target.
  • Not entirely sure what the recruit item would be (Abigail's flower?), but I was thinking the primary cost could be a reduction in max sanity similar to Maxwell's shadows in exchange for them sticking around longer.

Potential adding a grave renewal system (though there are already mods that do that), or allow ghosts to spawn in graveyards sperate from digging up graves.


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