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Nintedno Switch DST problems

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Hit there, I play on the nintendo switch port of the game and I think it's great, but

there are a lot of issues with the shop and some that make the game just unplayable.

1. (Semi-Problem) Its just that we can't use klei coins in the shop.

2. (Problem) On different servers, there is no chat functions so there is little to no communications.

3. (VERY BIG PROBLEM) The combat in the game isn't that good EVEN if you try kiting the monsters, your hitbox stays behind and even if your a mile away your still going to be hit. This forces you to tank the monsters, but this is really hard early game and on bosses.

These are problems I have on the switch though I would be okay with the first two problems to be done later, but PLEASE fix the 3rd problem with the comat. THX :).

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Try turning off lag compensation it helps immensely as it predicts where you’re character may be instead of where it actually is

But i do have a suggestion which is can we get the small world setting to get less rng based worlds and more player options so we can have 5-6 players on switch i have 5 friends but we cant play due to their being only a max limit of 4 players i can understand if theres a problem but if you could klei just add 1 more player size or 2 for switch 

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