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Usually I just make memes but something possessed me to make... this. I kinda want to make more of this, though do keep in mind that everything I make is just edits in GIMP. I'm no artist so don't expect anything like that. If you do like things like this however I would enjoy some encouragement :) 


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Not really something new but I wanted to make another edit with the shadow wereforms since I loved the scene with them so much <:)
Also, the Alter design in the Maxwell rework looked so cool I HAD to make something with it. I'm very happy with how it turned out but quite upset I didn't get to spend more time with it before my program crashed. It has quite a bit of negative space because of how damn small Goose is but... whatcha gonna do? I thought about adding Shadow Pieces into the mix but couldn't get the sizes right and it become too noisy. Oh well.



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