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Another way to fix MODs BUG

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Hello, You've seen that Mods are bugged, have seen many hard ways here in forum to solve the problem, nothing had worked to me, so I'm posting the way i've fixed it.

That said, I've done this by my own risk and I don't know if that can cause later issues when the bug got Fixed, do it by your own risk, keep that in mind.

- Go to Steam

- Right Click Dont Starve Together on your library menu

- Go to properties

- Local Files

- Explore


Keep that folder opened (It's crucial)

That's where things get a bit tricky, you have to open DST and enter MOD Tab, this will make the game download your MODS, a lot files will pop-up on folder

When almost all your MODs appear on folder (It's feeling, basically) quick press CTRL+A on your Keyboard, Right click, select Properties, deselect and select again the "Only reading" square on Attributes and apply.

It will take some tries to work and download all Mods.

The game is working pretty fine to me (Have played almost 15 minutes after fixing it, so I can't assure that is a long term fix.

Hope it helped someone.

Stay fine and well fed, drink water.

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