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Qol ideas and suggestions for future updates (part ???)

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I remember this forum having a thread dedicated to QoL ideas and suggestions going about 100 pages before disappearing from existence. So I'm just going to post a new thread sharing QoL ideas that may be nice to have for future updates. Feel free to post more QoL ideas or feedback to ideas here!

Here are some ideas that came up in the oven:

  • Empty backpacks, piggybacks, and Krampus sacks should be able to be picked up and placed in the players inventory
  • A deconstructor/recycling machine structure that is able to break down used tools, clothing, weapons, and armor into a small fraction of its craft cost (similar to a hammer but nowhere near as powerful as a deconstruction staff)
  • A late game wax item that can be placed on structures to make it immune to smoldering in summer but not immune to fire (mega base builders this one is for you)
  • A swim ring clothing craft that allow survivors to swim and gather items in shallow waters for a few moments before drowning (Wes’s inflatable vest should also do this with much smaller effectiveness)
  • Dropping a caught moongleam outside of the moonstorms should briefly float in the direction of the unnatural portal on monkey island to easier identify its location
  • Have cacti, grass tufts, saplings, and berry bushes have a tiny chance to drop their seeds like stone fruit so we can plant them elsewhere in the late game
  • Acknowledge it or not, the void in the caves exist and we should be able to build bridges (up to a certain length) over the void connecting cave biomes similar to the dock kits on the surface
  • Hunts in the savanna should have a small chance to spawn beefalo if there are no beefalo in the world to prevent extinction
  • Using walls to repair a wall should at least repair half of the full wall since a wall unit builds half of a full wall
  • Make structure placement consistent ie. Be able to place structure as close to walls as we would be able to place walls as close to structures 
  • Miner hats should negate the damage from cave in rocks and materials
  • Allow mushroom planters to accept any type of mushroom and lunar grotto mushtrees should produce spores
  • Nightmare amulets and bone helms should be refuellable by nightmare fuel and reduce the cost of the nightmare amulet to match other amulet costs
  • Significantly increase the durability of Astroggles to match that of other late game items
  • Boat bumpers should reduce the damage to boats for crab kings imposing claws
  • Mobs that came out of the ocean should always be wet such as crab kings’ claws
  • A boat repair kit that has X uses and repairs boats similar to boards but costs way less
  • Significantly increase the quality of the sunken chest loot table and include bull kelp stalks and enenemy traps as possible drops
  • Tamed beefalo should take player damage instead of mob damage when not ridden
  • Have the triple Mactusk biome be a guaranteed spawn or increase the drop rate of tusks to 100% 
  • Keep on optimizing code to reduce the effects of lag caused by excess amount items/followers (such as Webbers spiders) on the screen especially if this effects other players on the same shard
  • On the topic of lag; rot, poop, and spoiled items on the ground should sink into the ground or “disappear” after a few days lying there
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