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Repair station

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Hello I would like to suggest a new building for future consideration.

It would be accessible trough antient pseudosience station  or other higher tier tech station. 

I would suggest it to be quite costly 10 wires 10 sandstones 10spider eggs

the station would provide the abitily to repair any item trough a mechanic that you can put any item  or tool or staff into one of the three repair slots for : 1 closthes/armor 2 tools/weapons 3 magical/boss items . uner these repair slots will be maybe even 6 slots for repair materials usually you can use any material that fits category to repair any item from that category with few exceptions or rules like you cant repair hard armor with soft materials ( for example marble suit with logs only is impossible there has to be one stone or flint or bone to repair it. And maybe other restrictions like ok you can repair starcaller staff trough it but not just with sticks some gems must be supplied even if blue or red ones.


each item is given point value in its category and when you put an item in the repair slot it has a red flashing light or something like that next to it and it changes to green when you meet the requirements for repair. upon hitting repair button the item is restored to either percentage the materials were able to fix or to 100 percent and the materials not needed remain in the bottom. but if you overdo it for example thick fur would be consumed whole even if it could theoretically repair three umbrellas.but there can also be more slots at the top for that case. 

Of course tha)s just a rough idea I bet if you guys would like it you can do wonderful stuff with it.

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