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found feelings about the shadow cage change

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I tested the cage with dfly and bee queen, the most usefull bosses to use it against to, the current state ? same as before but you are now required to pay attention all the time.

Previously it lasted around 10 secs and now it seems to last around 8. for dfly this just means that you have to cast the spells more often and therefore use more nightmarefuel, before i would eat one cactus per cage cast to raise up the sanity, now i think its better to kill the shadows while the duelist fight so you get fuel as soon as you use it to refill the codex, chug sanity food still completly viable and not very expensive this is just the tactic i liked the most.

For bee queen now its more usefull to separate her from her minions and cage them while fighting her. its tricky but with pan flutes you dont need more than 2-3 uses for the whole fight, As before you can still use brute force against her but i wouldnt recomend maxy to engage on the fight because you might not have enough time to cast the spells while getting hit and every goes downhill very quick.

Overall this changes made it so maxwell has to engage even more on fights to use his tricks, now there are different strategys that are as effective as the previous one but are locked behind more skill.

I personally prefered the previous one but i wouldnt mind if this is the final version.

Edit: also the twins of terror is a fight where the cage is incredibly usefull too, they now can hit you even when they are caged but you can just step back and doge them, with the blue twin enraged i will recomend tanking

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